Author Topic: Java ME Developer wanted for problem fixing of class StringColourItem  (Read 1569 times)

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Dear DictionaryForMIDs supporters,

We are searching (still ...) for a Java ME developer who could work to resolve exisiting problems with the class de.kugihan.dictionaryformids.hmi_java_me.lcdui_extension.StringColourItem.

Already some time ago problems did show up on several devices when displaying translation results with "coloured display" (this is done by class StringColourItem; there are other postings in this forum on this topic, you could search in this forum for "StringColourItem").

And also recently we were receiving reports that on some devices the display of the translation result with the coloured display does not work correctly.

So we are searching for a Java developer who is willing to spend time to work on StringColourItem; probably this class needs some fundamental overhaul; so I guess it will take some time to get this implemented and fully tested.

Anyone who can support our project here ? Would be highly welcome  :)

You find the source here in our Subversion repository:
For general information on development, see here:

And of course, if you need additional information, just make a posting in this forum, we will help !

Best regards,