Author Topic: Dictionaries with more columns than the number of languages  (Read 2626 times)

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I'm looking to generate a dictionary for cedict with the latest executables.  I've looked through the documentation with regards to dictionary generation and have a question with dictionaries with more columns than languages.  For example, cedict has this format:

"simplified char"  "traditional char"  "pronounciation"  "english translation"

I think I can use languageXContentNN to help specify some of these columns(namely "traditional char" and "pronounciation" columns).  Is that correct?  If not, what will I need to do specify these columns?  Thanks!



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Re: Dictionaries with more columns than the number of languages
« Reply #1 on: 03. April 2007, 19:23:55 »
Yes, exactly, you can use the content-definitions for this.

Probably you will have two columns: one for Chinese and one for English (for example separated by a tab-character).

Then for the Chinese column you use the content-syntax such as in
[01Simplified] [02traditional] [03pronounciation]

However: Lars is already working to get CEDICT on the latest version of DictionaryForMIDs. Best you co-ordinate your activities directly with Lars.