Author Topic: Java ME: Nokia's announcement for "next billion mobile users"  (Read 2177 times)

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Today Nokia announced their future strategy. Interesting is their way ahead to reach the "next billion mobile users": Nokia will do that based on their S40 platform; so not Symbian nor Windows Mobile, but the good old Java ME based S40 platform will be used. Certainly with several improvements to be implemented in S40, e.g. improved web features.

Also, Nokia's emphasize of web access for the "next billion" is interesting. This again shows how important it is for us to offer 'direct downloads' for Java ME mobiles (not to have the zip-file downloaded first and then install via a PC). My hopes there rely on Achim & co ... ;)

Read here the Nokia article:

Well, in any case, for platforms in general, I am very glad that Achim does cover extremely well the Android market, which seems to 'explode' in size. This is a cornerstone for the DictionaryForMIDs project - thanks Achim  :)

With the upcoming DictionaryForMIDs htmlApp we should cover several other platforms; however I expect it will still take some time before mature html5 browsers will be available for mobile devices. And first of all we still need to find volunteers who like to support development of our htmlApp !

And maybe there are developers to port DictionaryForMIDs to native platforms such as iPhone or Windows Mobile.

Ok, these were just my thoughts for today after reading the Nokia news ...