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Very big dictionaries
« on: 03. May 2010, 16:00:07 »
Hi, Im compiling a reasonably big wordlist (1.6 MB - 34000 entries).

The dictionary/ subdir gets to 20MB uncompressed and the compressed JAR file is 7MB.

Have there been any attempts to make a more compressed format than a ZIP of csv-files?
I'm thinking of and such things.

Take a look at the sizes at  (a sister project, but lacks good GUI and a reasonable amount of supported platforms)



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Re: Very big dictionaries
« Reply #1 on: 03. May 2010, 19:44:30 »
Oh, I did not know about TinyLex before ! And it has so nice dictionaries ...   :o

Hmmm, reads interesting about that Trie. Do you have a clue what space savings it could have compared to zip-files ? Are there ready-to-use Java implementations available ?

About getting 20 MB out of a 1.6 MB inputdictionaryfile, I just made a general posting here Maybe that could help in your case too ?

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