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General discussions / Re: Modifying jar files
« on: 22. June 2013, 07:52:03 »
Well DictionaryForMid name wouldn't be a problem, it just the icon that bother me.
I guess I should keep the name as DictionaryForMid , as many people will benefit more from it.

General discussions / Modifying jar files
« on: 19. June 2013, 15:11:56 »
Hi Guys,
I'd like to ask about modifying jar file.
1. Actually I'd like to change the icon of the jar files, is it permitted?
2. And can I put my dictionary info ahead of DictionaryForMids license info? , cause whenever I make it, the info will be put down below, because DFM   license are too long so it hard to find.
3. Is it okay for me to change the name of Apps to my own dictionary name or something like that?

I'm asking this based on the license which is GNU-GPL, which I assume the same as the result jar file

Yup, I'm aware of how to use languageXHasSeparateDictionaryFile option too Gert, thanks anyway.

Oh, actually for the time being we can also edit the properties file in Notepad, while Karim getting it fixed.
It works for two-way translation when we set "languageXHasSeparateDictionaryFile" for both language to "false" using the Notepad


I noticed that too Gert, then I tried to edit the properties file and set it to false via the editor and save it.
It will pop up to true again in the properties editor when you load it again. I don't know if it some kind of a bug or anything.

I guess I will separate the dictionaries to different files and set all input both like this:

Anyway thanks for your reply Gert.

Open Talk / Re: Support request: Publicity for DictionaryForMIDs
« on: 10. June 2013, 18:59:45 »
The best source for gaining more people is through Yahoo Answers and forum as I recall. Or maybe facebook group will lived up the member of this sites.
I guess I'll give it a time to publish it . Anyway it's 1 AM right here, my eyes need to rest for a bit.

I did use latin letters. Thanks I will try to config it later

Yup, I look for all input word in Indonesian to Achinese and it say "not found" both in microemulator (PC emu) and in my Nokia cellphone

Open Talk / Re: Support request: Publicity for DictionaryForMIDs
« on: 10. June 2013, 18:23:13 »
Yeah, it takes me a while to crawl google to find this site. I guess I'll post it on the reddit

DfM-Creator - general / jar file just work for one-way language
« on: 10. June 2013, 17:32:00 »
Hello guys,

So recently, I tried to make my local dictionary which is Achinese to Indonesian, and as well as the other way translation.
But then, the jar file didn't work two-way translation as I expected. It only translate from language1 to language2 and also when I input the first letter using uppercase letter, it wont display the results if I use the lowercase in my dictionary file (csv file)

Here are the config that I did, this
DictionaryGeneration tab

and the properties, I left the empty box for default value

and the Bitmapfontgenerator tab, maybe this was not the source of the problem, but I put it anyway

at last jarCreator tab, this

Actually I haven't finished the dictionary database for this language, I will discuss it with my friends as soon as I can handle DFM-creator. So I use example csv file here
Here I include the source and jar files,

Sorry for being such a newbie and thanks for your response.


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