Author Topic: Copyright considerations when publishing a dictionary with DictionaryForMIDs  (Read 2739 times)

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Please be accurate for the following copyright considerations:

For new dictionaries, please check that a reference to the dictionary owner/source and a copyright notice is included in the infoText property . If appropriate, a file with the copyright statement for the dictionary needs to be included in the zip package.

Also for new dictionaries, please check that the DictionaryFormMIDs README and COPYING files are included in the zip package.

Note that sourceforge only hosts ‘open’ SW. So on sourceforge we can only offer downloads for ‘open’ dictionaries (concerning the definition of open, you can read more at the sourceforge pages).

DfM can be used with non-open dictionaries, for example a dictionary where the free distribution is restricted to private users only. Such a dictionary must not be hosted on sourceforge. But it is ok to host the dictionary on any other server and to provide a link from the sourceforge download page.

We must not tolerate copyright violations: neither for dictionaries nor for the DfM application itself !

Happy work with DictionaryForMIDs !!