Author Topic: Is there any device with "coloured display" problems ? Please report.  (Read 2000 times)

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It seems that most devices show correct translation results when "coloured display" is switched on. However in the past there had been reports that there are devices where the translations are not correctly shown in the "coloured display".

Can anybody tell us the name of a device which does not show the translation results correctly in the coloured display ? If you have such a device, can you tell us the device name and also the dictionary where you have the problem (if possible tell us the exact file name of the downloaded dictionary) and a word for translation where the problem does show up.

Here under this posting, we want to collect all reports of people about the "coloured display".

To switch on the "coloured display", choose "Settings" from the menu, navigate to "Coloured display" and switch it on. As in the screenshot below. Of course, if you are using DictionaryForMIDs on a non-English device, "coloured display" and "Settings" will be translated to your language (for most parts of the world).

Also, there is a sample screenshot which shows how coloured display looks like; that example is from the English-Japanese EDICT dictionary.

For questions, please ask !

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P.S.: For any Java developer who would like to do some rework on that topic, please see this posting: