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Still one problem!
« on: 18. December 2010, 15:28:43 »
Dear Sir,

Thanks for the reply. But I will like to tell you that I have done all the setup in the Eclipse IDE for the android applications but there is still one problem, because I don't know how to run ant in Eclipse! Will you please elaborate how I can do that for our project in Eclipse? Because there is no any build.xml  or any other ant-build xml  file  in the source.

Thanks once again (in advance). :P

- Priti
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Re: Still one problem!
« Reply #1 on: 19. December 2010, 14:50:17 »
Hi Priti,

if you have Eclipse and ADT, you should not need to run ant manually.

You can checkout the source from SVN and then create an Android Project from existing source.

First you need to checkout the following two branches:

Then you can create an new Android Project in Eclipse and specify the checkout of trunk/Android as existing source. You should then reference the checkout of trunk/DictionaryForMIDs in the build path in the project properties. Right-click on the Android Project then gives you the option to run as Android Application.

For more details (and slightly different approach), please have a look at this post:

Feel free to ask if you have any questions, please include error messages if available.