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Problems during compilation
« on: 17. December 2010, 17:53:28 »
Dear Sir,

When I try to compile the source code for android using Eclipse or Netbeans I get an error due to a file called " ". This file is missing in the source code provided in the SVN repository.

For Ex.  There is one line in

Here the R points to nowhere.  Please rectify this problem.

I hope you will answer as early as possible!

- Priti


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Re: Problems during compilation
« Reply #1 on: 18. December 2010, 14:09:35 »
Hi Priti,

the file can be generated by running ant. I strongly recommend using Eclipse with the ADT-Plugin though, as this will automatically handle ant for you.
You could try the following two links that explain setup of SDK and ADT:
Feel free to ask me if you encounter any problems on the way.

If you don't want to use Eclipse, maybe this link may help you. As I'm using Eclipse and ADT, I don't have further information on setting this up with NetBeans.