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General discussions / Updated forum software
« Last post by Stefan1200 on 10. January 2020, 09:58:01 »
Since the automatic upgrade had problems on two files, please keep an eye open, if something is strange with this forum.
Problems / buffer error
« Last post by Qtron on 07. August 2019, 14:07:09 »
when attempting to use French - English , or vv, the error message buffer full
shows, some words like French ''Oui'' (yes) is OK, & displays, but then ''pris'' causes buffer error.
I have been advised that the dictionary needs fixing.
Android, Galaxy S5, SM-G900I, s/w 6.0.1
my ph is not the 'latest' and I don't believe I am the only one with this problem.
No other app has ever caused buffer errors.
now that the TDF is over I am not in a rush ! (but was).
Open Talk / Hack of this forum (31th May 2019)
« Last post by Gert on 02. June 2019, 10:35:44 »
For information of forum users:
On May 31, 22:20 o'clock (CEST), this forum site was hacked (even with an up to date web server and forum software).
Many PHP files were manipulated (mostly advertising should be displayed while visiting the web site). But the manipulation created invalid PHP code, so in most cases the web server never delivered the forum site.

A backup of all files from Thursday to Friday night was restored, all manipulated files were overwritten by doing this. The forum database was not changed after comparing with an older backup. Forum posts are not lost, everything is back.

We don't know, if any information was read from the database. If this was done, so user passwords are not in immediately danger, because they are saved hashed and salted in the database. But it could be possible that the forum users' email addresses are known to the attacker.


Many thanks to our excellent forum administrator Stefan, who quickly reacted to this incident!!


General discussions / Re: problem uploading files
« Last post by Stefan1200 on 22. August 2017, 06:42:25 »
Fixed, thanks for reporting.

Avatar and Smiley path was also broken, fixed too.
General discussions / problem uploading files
« Last post by mvhulten on 20. August 2017, 19:35:33 »
I get an error when I try to upload files (small images) in the forum.
It says that it cannot find the path.  This is on my Nexus 7.
Problems / Re: rotation
« Last post by mvhulten on 20. August 2017, 17:46:33 »
My problem is different, and occurs on both my Nexus 7 (Android 7.1.2) and my Fairphone 2 (Android 6.0.1).  First image shows I am searching for "test".  This works.  Then I rotate the device: it is still visible.  Any new search (second image) does not show (new) results.  Rotating again, or switching between apps, does not work.  The only way to do a new search is by closing the app (moving it out of the app list) and reopening DfM.

As Gert's and my examples show, rotation of the display can result in different problems.
Problems / Re: rotation
« Last post by Gert on 20. August 2017, 10:32:15 »
Actually, I have a problem there also (Nexus 5X, Android 7.1.2)
  • To reproduce, I use the "Englisch Deutsch" Freedict dictionary (DfM_3.4.0_EngGer_FreeDict). I have "incremental search" activated.
  • I hold the device in portrait mode
  • I search for a word such as "help" -> everything fine
  • I rotate to landscape mode -> upper half of the display is for text input (shows "help"); lower half of display is covered by keyboard (= gboard); no translation is shown
  • I rotate back to landscape mode  -> ok, translations for "help" are shown again
  • But: incremental search does not work any more from now on
Is there a need for screenshots?

Best regards,
Problems / rotation
« Last post by mvhulten on 20. August 2017, 08:39:55 »
When I rotate my screen, DFM does not show any translations anymore.

This happens in DFM version 1.0.1, in a recent nightly of LineageOS.
Problems / very inconvenient error in translation
« Last post by mvhulten on 20. August 2017, 08:24:56 »

The same error occurs for the translation of "English" to Dutch, which should be "Engels" but is translated as "Nederlands".

Probably this is a generic problem for all translations.

Using v 1.0.1 on LineageOS via F-Droid.
That's a great idea - what's your use case behind this?

Being able to look up a word in a certain language quickly.

Additionally, what's the downside of having all dictionaries active (which is already available in the app)?

By default, if the dictionary you want is at the bottom, you can either scroll past the other dictionaries' results, or select other dictionaries to fold them closed. Even if an Android app icon moved the desired dictionary to the top, the app is pointlessly searching for a result, making the app less responsive.
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