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Problems / Re: review of some problems
« on: 02. November 2011, 20:38:44 »
yes backgroundColour worked. any need to have a certain mobile phone theme. if you explain this, many of users claims and objectives would be resolved. thanks very much. but there is a problem else, my nokia 7310 runs my dictionary (with large language 2 entries very well) but some other models like, Nokia x2 and Nokia C600, run language 2 information with coloured display as incomplete (only a few initial text lines). are there any characteristics like backgroud colour that you have not explained before? please explain all capabilities of Properties at How Set up A new Dictionary. thanks.

I divided large language 2 entries with Microsoft Word and now my problem has been solved. (though application speed still is a bit low). thanks.

Problems / Re: review of some problems
« on: 24. October 2011, 16:23:45 »
hello thanks for your guides
As answer of your question, my mobile phone model is nokia 7310 (java but not simbian. )
I dont think properties has a room to set background colour, you had said. I think it is a good idea to provide Dfm with a backgroud for coloured display.
Is it possible to add dfm a new feature to ask a password after a few session of opening the dictionary application, it is for registration of our dictionary users. users can evaluate the dictionary in prior sessions.

Problems / review of some problems
« on: 18. October 2011, 13:43:52 »
i want to mention the some problems of dictionary for mids 3.5.7 to improve in future vesrions:

 :) if a defenition (=language 2 entery) is some large it takes much time to show it after clicking 'translate' on language 1 entery. this problem is seen specially with coloured display.
 :) if mobilePhone does not have a suitable theme (e.g dark or non homogenous  background) and coloured display is active, the reading preview is dificult for users. this problem is very simply may be solve by adding a new feature to set backgroun colour (independent of phone theme) at properties file.
 :) I am and an Iranian and my language is Persian, the Persian language has a right to left writting. if possible set a new feacher to add or not add right-align text capability. for example the * key on phone keyboard can shift right align/left align. Arabics also have a right to left writting.
 :) heap  memmory error with large texts before making dictionary. this problem may solve with make DFM able to automically divide large texts to prevent out of memmory errors.
  :) by D.F.M users can also create non language-ralated dictionary. for example i have made a good pharmaceutical dictionary with DFM. Some users may want to earn with their dictionaries or register users. please add a new capability that created jar dictionaries ask (or not ask)   for password after 3th time (session) that the file is opened. users can review and evaluate the product in previous two sessions. for example the dictionary shows next screen[/li][/list]

your code:231
password: [____]
please send this code to phone number
+989123456546 to get the password

(this sentence has been designed by vendor of dictionary creator)
the mathmetic relation between the code and passwoeds is determined by creator and each copy of the dictionary (even after bluetooth) shows a new random and different code.
other problem is that the bitmap font does not realized some characters such as new line (\n) character.
thanks. I wish this comment could be useful for you.

now that i see it i know some of enteries of language 2 is even more 30000 characters. it is dificult for me to find and divide numerous enteries that have problem, in addition it is a bit nndesirable for my users to read separated texts.

i want to create a large dictionary using a txt file with size 28 Mb and 6000 enteries. It has 2 columns (language 1 and language 2). in 'properties' i determinded that language 2 does not form Index and not to be searchable. language 1 is searchable and have a small size enteries (often each less than 30 characters). but some of language 2 enteries is very large (even some of them more than 2000-5000 characters.
my problem was Heap Error after entering command line. so I used command :
java -Xmx200M -jar C:\a\Tools\DictionaryGeneration.jar
and my dictionary was created. But when I install on my mobile phone it presented me some out of memory Error or could not open csv file Error specially with large enteries.
is it possible to somehow resolve the problem? or adding a new feacher to dictionary 3.5.7 to automatically split (divide) large enteries to resolve Heap error or out of memory error.
prior thanks.

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