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Users of a Windows Mobile 2005 PDA with the Intent Java from Tao reported that the error "Invalid Java Archive" is shown during installation of DictionaryForMIDs.

The version of the Tao Java that is affected by this problem is "Runtime MIDP 2.0: v10.1.7.546(Build 20051117)".

Who can investigate in this problem, i.e.
- check with which versions of DictionaryForMIDs the error is shown
- possibly try to narrow down the problem (under which conditions does the error occur)
- submit a bug report to Tao

Besides, Tao has a useful forum, and there is already a posting on the "Invalid Java Archive", see

Thanks !

Please be accurate for the following copyright considerations:

For new dictionaries, please check that a reference to the dictionary owner/source and a copyright notice is included in the infoText property . If appropriate, a file with the copyright statement for the dictionary needs to be included in the zip package.

Also for new dictionaries, please check that the DictionaryFormMIDs README and COPYING files are included in the zip package.

Note that sourceforge only hosts ‘open’ SW. So on sourceforge we can only offer downloads for ‘open’ dictionaries (concerning the definition of open, you can read more at the sourceforge pages).

DfM can be used with non-open dictionaries, for example a dictionary where the free distribution is restricted to private users only. Such a dictionary must not be hosted on sourceforge. But it is ok to host the dictionary on any other server and to provide a link from the sourceforge download page.

We must not tolerate copyright violations: neither for dictionaries nor for the DfM application itself !

Happy work with DictionaryForMIDs !!

I need to have an implementation for an algorithm that does sorting and filtering of duplicate entries of a Vector.
I have an (unsorted) Vector with objects of 'SomeClass'. The elements of the Vector need to get sorted. Also, if in the Vector two (or more) identical objects exist, then only one shall remain there, the other occurences shall be removed from the Vector.

Of course the algorithm should efficient. For sorting the quick sort algorithm should be fine.

I can provide a method such as compareTo in SomeClass, or whatever method is needed for the comparision of the entries.

I do need an implementation for Java ME (CLDC/MIDP), please don't point me to existing features of the Java SE Collection framework.

Anyone who can provide me with an implementation ?

Thanks !

I scanned sourceforge for J2ME projects - and surprisingly for me it seemed that we are the most popular project for J2ME (I may be wrong, because I did not do an exhaustive search).
Hmmm, if we should be the most popular J2ME project on sourceforge ... then maybe we are the most popular J2ME Open Source project in the world ??

Ah well, probably that's too enthusiastic - but in any case: DictionaryForMIDs is quickly gaining popularity ! Will be interesting to see where we are in 2 years !!

What do you think ?


P.S.: I just did take the Sourceforge 'rank' as popularity - well, the sourceforge 'rank' is based on some statistics, probably not really a good measurement for popularity.

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