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Problems / Re: Wrong dictionary download for "German car signs"
« on: 28. May 2012, 18:35:52 »
Thanks for the heads up, try it again now :)


General discussions / Re: Support for "coloured display" ?
« on: 10. March 2012, 01:21:47 »
Thanks Gert! :)

In theory coloured display should work, ie. it's implemented. But I have to admit I never tried it with a real dictionary  :-\

Can you provide me with a dictionary that uses that feature? I'll investigate that matter... Do some of the OTA dictionaries have coloured content?


Great to know it's working now!

I'm sorry I don't really know about dictionary creation. You could ask again in the other forum, there are some people watching the topics there who might be able to help you:

One thread seems to have some GUI tools, maybe you could try that one first:


Hi Alexandru Anastasiu,

thanks for your message!

1. I have downloaded I have put the .jar and .jad file in sdcard but I don’t know how to install the app. I have an unlocked Nexus S.
On Android, you also need to install the dictionary application. You can install it from the Market or if that's not an option for you download it from (the link to the zipped package). After installing the application, open it, load a dictionary (e.g. Menu -> Dictionary) and choose the Download tab for easy installation of many popular dictionaries.

If you want to install the dictionary manually you have to choose the From file tab. Here you browse to the jar file (the jad file is not needed). For improved performance I recommend extracting the jar file first (you can rename it to zip if there are any problems extracting it). There should be a directory called dictionary, this is the only one we need. Then in the Android application you can browse to that directory and load it.

2. I have dictionaries in .txt file, downloaded from this site: and I don't know how to integrate them into your app. mentioned at the first sentence.
As far as I know the txt files are not supported. The only files directly supported on are the ones listed here. If the dictionary you are looking for is not available there and you have some time, you could try using the tools on our website to generate your own dictionary.

Please feel free to ask again here if you have any questions, and we'd also like to know if it is helpful for you :)


General discussions / released new version 0.90.1
« on: 21. January 2012, 06:57:02 »
New version 0.90.1 is now available on Android Market.


  • Fixed bug that caused crash when loading dictionaries on older devices
  • Fixed bug that caused dictionary selection dialog to be opened twice

I plan on including some small fixes and then releasing v1.0. That will look better here and on the Market (and of course shows that we have all basic features in the Android version).

Feel free to post bug reports in this board or reply here for general discussion of this release.


General discussions / released new version 0.90
« on: 16. January 2012, 12:44:45 »
New version 0.90 is now available on Android Market.


  • Introducing search as you type
  • Long-press on language selection opens dictionary selection dialog
  • Fixed bug that caused crash when adding hidden dictionaries
  • Fixed focus problem with input field
  • Fixed bugs with dialog box when choosing dictionaries

Report back here if and how it's working for you!

I plan on including some small fixes and then releasing v1.0. That will look better here and on the Market :)

Feel free to post bug reports in this board or reply here for general discussion of this release.


Problems / Re: Input cursor position wrong on Android 3.1
« on: 10. January 2012, 03:42:44 »
Great to know the fix is working for you!

I added some more improvements to search-as-you-type (it's much more responsive now) and probably upload the new version this weekend...

Happy new year :-)


Problems / Re: Input cursor position wrong on Android 3.1
« on: 31. December 2011, 08:23:20 »
Hi Stefan,

thanks for the bug report! I was able to reproduce the problem and surely understand why this is annoying... I added a fix to the current development version and uploaded a package here:

Expected behaviour is:
On focus to the input box select all content so that you can easily delete it. So in your case two tabs behind the word you want to delete should allow you to delete the word without touching the cursor.

Do you still see the problem in that version? Please note that the package includes a new feature (search-as-you-type) and probably new bugs, I'm still testing it...


General discussions / released new version 0.14
« on: 22. December 2011, 16:26:18 »
New version 0.14 is now available on Android Market.


  • Introducing starred words feature (enable it in Menu->Preferences), ideal if you want to remember new words.
  • bug fixes and improvements

Report back here if and how it's working for you!

Feel free to post bug reports in this board or reply here for general discussion of this release.


Problems / Re: source code to be downloaded not svn
« on: 12. December 2011, 08:42:53 »
Glad to hear you got it working now.

I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. You have a dictionary file on your local machine and want DfM to load it? Then you have different possibiliities.

  • Put it on external storage, start the app and use the Menu -> Dictionary -> From file to load your dictionary. No need to use eclipse or compile the source code for this to work.
  • Put it in eclipse in a new folder in the assets/dict/ directory, compile&package the app, start it and load the dictionary using Menu -> Dictionary -> Included

After successfully loading a dictionary for the first time, the app will stop asking you to download one.

Good luck,


Problems / Re: source code to be downloaded not svn
« on: 06. December 2011, 02:03:06 »

great to know you want to dig into the source code!

Can you tell me which application unexpectedly closed? Do you mean DfM if run on the emulator? If yes, can you have a look in the LogCat for an error message?

I strongly recommend you use the SVN to get the source code, as this way you can easily stay up-to-date when updates are released or release updates yourself.

For setting up Eclipse with SVN, you can try the following two links:

The source code should work with any Android version out there, e.g. 1.5+ You coould try version 2.3.3 as a starting point.

Please tell me if you still encounter any problems.


General discussions / Re: New Chinese-English Dictictionary available
« on: 23. September 2011, 13:46:10 »
Hi Mats,

thanks for the explanation about the strokes, I didn't know that encoding, very interesting!

So the uploaded dictionary is only searchable English -> Chinese? Then there is a small problem with the file. You should set the property
Code: [Select]
language1IsSearchable=falsethen the it is clear for all dictionary applications that there should not be an option for translating Chinese -> English.

I never set up a dictionary myself and I very much appriciate the work of everyone who set one up, but still I think you should change that property. Not sure if anything else should be changed... And please correct me if I'm wrong!

For me, the perfect dictionary configuration would be two "standard" dictionaries (for the standard user) and one "enhanced" dictionary:
  • Simpliefied Chinese <-> English
  • Traditional Chinese <-> English
  • Enhanced similar to the one you described, including stroke orders and other information that may be suitable...

How big is the other dictionary that you created? The one that includes all the entries?
I guess the size of the dictionary won't be a problem for Android, but will be a problem for the other platforms.


General discussions / Re: New Chinese-English Dictictionary available
« on: 21. September 2011, 16:15:03 »
Hi Mats,

it's really great that you created an update for the Chinese dictionary! Actually just one day before your update a user of the Android version send me an email asking about an update  :)

I just quickly tested the dictionary on Android, and in the course of doing so found some smaller issues:
  • If I choose Chinese->English and search for simple characters like 你 or 好 there are no results found. A wildcard search * though returns some results. Is there no index for this direction? Still, I can choose that direction from in the application? Is that a problem of the dictionary? Or the Android implementation...?
  • For some entries that don't have traditional characters, ° is added after the characters (see screenshot). Is that on purpose?
  • Can you explain a little more on how to interpret the stroke order numbers in the entry? (see screenshot)

Anyways, thanks for contributing! And I would also be very interested in the "more traditional version" :)


General discussions / Re: All dictionaries available for Web App
« on: 02. August 2011, 16:02:41 »
Hi Gert,

great progress! With the HTML5 version we'll reach much more devices...

Keep up the good work  :)

Problems / Re: Help on English Chinese
« on: 02. June 2011, 15:58:04 »
Hi Mike,

are you sure you are using an Android device? This looks rather like Java ME...?
If that's the case, please give that forum a try. If not, what emulator setup are you using?

Please help us to keep some order here on the board and try to post related questions only in this post.


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