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General discussions / released new version 0.10.0
« on: 04. September 2009, 11:29:37 »
Today, version 0.10.0 was released on the Android market.
Many small improvements and fixes have been included, as well as automatic dictionary installation.

Feel free to post bug reports in this board or reply here for general discussion of this release.


Problems / Re: help!!!
« on: 29. August 2009, 10:19:32 »

sorry for driving you crazy ;-)

I'm not really sure how you installed the dictionary. Did you follow the instructions on the website:
At what step did the installation of the dictionary fail? Was there an error message?

We are currently testing automatic installation of dictionaries. If you want to give it a try, you can get it here:
I just installed the English-Japanese dictionary using that testing version. Running that version on my G1, the popular dictionary could be installed without a problem, but the normal one seems to be too big for automatic processing. I'll investigate into that matter...

If you have any further information, questions or problems, feel free to reply here!


General discussions / Re: Android Testing Release 0.10.0
« on: 29. August 2009, 09:30:32 »
Some small fixes & improvements, v0.10.0 T2

General discussions / Android Testing Release 0.10.0
« on: 09. August 2009, 08:44:49 »
There is a new testing release of the Android version available, main new feature is over-the-air dictionary installation.

Feel free to add comments and suggestions to this thread.


To get the list of all downloadable dictionaries including their file size from Sourceforge's FileReleaseSystem you can use the following command (tested under Linux):

Code: [Select]
rsync -avn --include "dictionary**" --exclude "*" -e ssh YOUR_USER_NAME, YOUR_USER_NAME with your actual username on sourceforge. The n in -avn stands for dry-run, preventing rsync from applying any modifications.

This can be useful for updating the file list used for OTA downloads as introduced here.


General discussions / Re: system for OTA dictionary installation
« on: 04. August 2009, 03:27:13 »
Sourceforge seems to have fixed their FileReleaseSystem, though I cannot find an official announcement and the previously mentioned bug reports have not yet been closed. Anyways, mirror selection and downloads now work again as expected and the beta release of OTA dictionary installation on Android is coming closer...


General discussions / system for OTA dictionary installation
« on: 26. July 2009, 12:48:42 »
Hi all,

I'm currently working on a system to install dictionaries over-the-air (OTA). I'm concentrating on Android right now, but it should be straightforward to use the system on the PDA/PC versions and to extend it for J2ME. On Android I've already a working (unstable) demo, though the following is still open for discussion and modifications!

There is a website (dict-dwn-list.php) that is called by a client with the following two parameters (see example link below):
  • p, an identifier for the client's platform (1, for android)
  • v, a string specifying the version of the client's software

Using this data, the website returns some status information (e.g. to display a message to the user, or to inform the user to update the client software first) and the list of available/applicable dictionaries with the following information:
  • the name of the dictionary, displayed to the user
  • url to zip-file on sourceforge
  • size of the file specified by url
  • fileName, used to save the file on the client
For Android, the list is returned in JSON-format, check this link for a demo:

The demo on Android continues like this:
  • 1.Let the user pick a dictionary
  • 2.Download the zipped dictionary
  • 3.Extract the jar-ed dictionary
  • 4.Extract the real dictionary
  • 5.Load the dictionary

I wanted to use the existing infrastructure, so the system is based on the already available zip files on sourceforge. In the long run, especially to also allow OTA for J2ME, we definitely need to provide the jar and jad files directly, which will also speed up the whole process for Android.

On a side note:
Sourceforge updated their file release system recently, breaking the automatic mirror selection on Android due to white-spaces in the file names. We can now either wait for them to fix the issue (here, here), or rename the automatically generated directories that have been introduced by the update.

Looking forward to your feedback, criticism and suggestions  8)

General discussions / Re: DictionaryForMIDs running on Android
« on: 17. July 2009, 10:45:32 »
There is now a news entry about Android on the website, as well as some dedicated pages.

See DictionaryForMIDs on Android for details.


General discussions / Re: DictionaryForMIDs running on Android
« on: 16. July 2009, 05:16:08 »
Starting with version 0.9.7, DictionaryForMIDs is available on Android Market.

See supported devices on the website for details.

General discussions / Re: DictionaryForMIDs running on Android
« on: 11. July 2009, 08:47:40 »
As previously promised, the Android version of DictionaryForMIDs is on its way... See attached apk file for BETA version 0.9.7.

To install this software, download and copy it onto your phone's sd card. As the apk is of no use without a dictionary, you need to go onto the dictionary website, download the ones you like and extract the zip files to your sd card. There should now be a folder with one or more jar files, right?
Note: You could use the dictionary files like this, but DfM on Android will run much faster if you also unpack the jar file(s).
Savely disconnect your sd card, install the apk file using your favorite file browser (for example Astro from the market), and boot up your brand-new Android dictionary.

Comments, suggestions and bug reports are very welcome!


UPDATE 2009-07-14: updated version from 0.9.6 to 0.9.7. As key for signing changed, any previous version must be uninstalled prior to installing version 0.9.7 or later.

General discussions / Re: DictionaryForMIDs running on Android
« on: 26. May 2009, 13:41:54 »
As the J2ME Runner version really is just a hack, there soon will be an optimized Android version. See screenshots to whet your appetite :P

Comments & suggestions as well as volunteers for beta-testing are very welcome!


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