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General discussions / DfM webApp 4 - Initiation
« on: 18. July 2014, 02:50:21 »
Dear Users,

We planned to build webApp Version 4 for DfM.  It would be complete and final version for DfM.

We proposed to do :
1. Standard webApp for both mobile and PC,
2. Implement content security policies,
3. Implement warning message before downloading the App,
4. Additional themes to add more color for webApp.

We also welcome some more ideologies to improvise webApp.

Stars Soft

General discussions / DfM webApp 3
« on: 26. April 2014, 16:55:15 »
Dear Users,

Our DfM webApp 3 has been released for you to test it... The Additional features are :
a. Our dynamic information bar will get recent news from our DfM Sourceforge Server, while switching on your internet connection,
b. You can able set maximum no. of results to be displayed,
c. At last applicationCacheStatus bug has been closed,
d. Some optimisation done for stable performances.

Bilingual -

Multilingual -

SVN Source -

Kindly post your valuable comments to upgrade it...


Dear Achim,

Me and Gert implemented a seperate normation for Tamil, which is not supported by current version. 

It shows "Dictionary could not be load" error while downloading normated Tamil Dictionaries.

The changes are updated to SVN.  Kindly recompile the apk based on latest source codes.

Stars Soft

General discussions / DfM webApp 2
« on: 29. January 2014, 16:30:48 »
Dear DfM Users and Lovers,

We glad to announce that, our DfM webApp is getting ready to support more languages.  The test link is as follows:

Four Language Dictionary

Two Language Dictionary

We also implemented instant search feature to make our users more comfortable.  Further, we planning to implement some other add-on features with DfM webApp.  So, we ultimately need your suggestions and comments about our DfM webApp 2 to make better dictionary experience.

Stars Soft

General discussions / Request : Notification feature
« on: 08. November 2013, 01:55:43 »

Thanks for making a great application with continious improvements.  At this time, yet another feature is require to add in DfM.  It's nothing but, notifiacation feature for new dictionaries.

If you add dictionaries to the list, then the app should notify users about new dictionaries.  It'll bring the attention of users toward new dictionaries.

At present, the users are need to refresh the dictionaries list every time to know about additions of new dictionaries.  If the user hasn't refreshed the dictionaries list, then they will not getting know about new dictionaries.

Problems / Request : Word wrap function
« on: 23. October 2013, 03:15:20 »
Dear Stefan,

DfM PC version is working in excellant manner.  At present, it is difficult to refer lenthy words in DfM PC Version 3.1.0.  If it would support Word wrap function. then, It'll be great to view lengthy texts in DfM PC version.

General discussions / New UI for DfM webApp
« on: 08. October 2013, 02:15:35 »
Yes, Gert perfectly predicted that html is the future.  Since, its too easy to adopt, cross platform, fast and powerful.

Let us add little more power to DfM webApp by making UI.  We just try to create New User Interface which is posted here.

You are most welcome to create yet another catching UI or moderate the attached UI.  Further, you can also put forward your suggestions and comments to improve the UI.

The Best UI will get published as DfM webApp UI. It may also be your's.

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