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General discussions / SVN version crashes the emulator
« on: 23. October 2010, 22:29:41 »

I just downloaded the SVN version.
It seems it crashes the emulator if you download a large dictionary (> 1.5 MB).
Can you confirm that?


Pls see

Achim, I'd like to distribute this dictionary on the Android market, under the name... "Danish Esperanto dictionary".
I know I can do that without asking (its GPL :-) but I'll ask anyway, of course.

What I imagine is that I just publish your app on the market as "Danish Esperanto dictionary" and then makes it download that dict to the SD card. I know, I could ask people to search for DfM, install, download Danish Esperanto dictionary to SD card, open it from the app etc, but thats gonna make a lot of people stop in vain.

It also makes sense for people searching the market for 'Esperanto' to see the 'dictionary' and install it.
That its not really the 'dictionary' that they install but a program that downloads a dictionary and shows it, probably doesent matter for most.

In general, Achim, I can see others are practicing publishing the same app several times with different language data. This makes sense from a user searching for dictionary apps for a specific language. So, I suggest you either mention all the languages in the app description, or consider poblishing several 'apps'.


I have some desires for the Android version:

- A new release with the updated Esperanto translations (no hurry, though :-)

- In the "download dictionaries" section it'd be great to be able to download more than one dictionary at a time (subsequent clicks should be queued)

- When long pressing the input text field there is a "Choose all", "Cut", "Copy" etc, but the option "Paste" is missing.

- Believe it or not, but I could not change language directions the first few times. I was looking in the menu. Your "turn"-button is fine, but consider also adding a "switch direction" to the menu, for new users to not get stuck.

I might do the changes myself, if you like the ideas.


General discussions / Smal bug
« on: 01. June 2010, 12:08:15 »
See here

This is for "Esperanto-Czech", 320827 bytes.

I suspect the string
   <string name="file_size">%1$,.2f %2$s</string>
is somehow causing trouble.

I always get it when unit is kilobytes.
I never get it when unit is megabytes.

Finally, Ive more or less finished the conversion of the very big list of dictionaries generously donated from

You can see the full list (40 language pairs) at .
(fuliumi = browse,   provi = try).

On is the ZIP files, ready for upload on sourceforge when the last problems and questions are solved:

1) The Esperanto flag (and the Hebrew flag) is missing. Gert, could you add missing flags to SVN ?

Right now I dont use the JarCreator. I just use ZIP and it works fine, but I will change to JarCreator to get rid of unneeded flags.

2) I'd like Esperanto translation of all the language names. This means the list of languages for the UI:

would have to be extended with:

Gert, should I just go on adding these language names to JavaME/src/de/kugihan/dictionaryformids/hmi_java_me/uidisplaytext/DictionaryForMIDs.languages?

3) Achim, after upload, should I generate something for your DataLoader class a la
      $data->addDictionary(new Dictionary("Chemical Elements", 174125, "", "DfM_3.4.0_Elements", NULL, NULL, 0, "2009-11-11 12:00:00"));

4) In most cases I have a dictionary for each direction. I know this is kinda the double data, but the source database from has the directions seperate: Try it out on .
Please comment if you really really think I should try hard to somehow unify the directions (I have no idea how to do that in a good way).

5) The non-Latin languages are not tested very well. Ive done my best but I don't know how to enter e.g. Chinese or Japanese characters, and I am not sure it everything is OK here (assistance needed! :-)
I set the normation class, eg in eo-jp I have:
is that enough or is there more to do?

6) Is there anything else you suggest I correct before release?
Please check if the ZIP files (in look OK.

7) My conversion script (bash) can be found at
Perhaps you spot something Ive missed.



General discussions / DictionaryForMIDs for iPhone - via xmlvm
« on: 05. May 2010, 09:14:19 »

I have contact with a Korean Esperanto speaker that made an iPhone dictionary solution which he is considering open sourcing.
He got really enthusiastic about the 26 language pairs from that are on their way, and I suggested he could adapt his solution to use the DfM engine (and thus have access to all the pairs that DfM publishes).

Ive used before to test convert code from Java to Objective-C and I think it wouldnt be too had to convert the DfM engine to be usable from iPhone. Eventually the whole DfM Android user interface could be converted, but that would probably take a lot more work.

Do you have some sample code (or test code) lying around that shows how to initialize and use the DfM engine from an external app?


General discussions / Very big dictionaries
« on: 03. May 2010, 16:00:07 »
Hi, Im compiling a reasonably big wordlist (1.6 MB - 34000 entries).

The dictionary/ subdir gets to 20MB uncompressed and the compressed JAR file is 7MB.

Have there been any attempts to make a more compressed format than a ZIP of csv-files?
I'm thinking of and such things.

Take a look at the sizes at  (a sister project, but lacks good GUI and a reasonable amount of supported platforms)


General discussions / How to compile the sources?
« on: 30. April 2010, 14:24:22 »

Could you give some hints, or a recipe, on how you compile the sources?

Ive tried with netbeans (with the nbandroid plugin) and with eclipse.
I can generate and run simple apps in boths IDEs but the special setup for DfM keeps getting in the way.

Perhaps include or provide you IDE config files in SVN.


I just spotted some code which can't work:

package de.kugihan.dictionaryformids.dataaccess;

public class DictionaryDataFile  {

   public static void initValues(boolean initDictionaryGenerationValues)
      dictionaryAbbreviation = utilObj.getDictionaryPropertyString("dictionaryAbbreviation", true);

   // if property is provided but empty, then this is handled as if no property was provided:
   static void checkForEmptyProperty(String propertyName) {
      if (propertyName != null)
         if (propertyName.length() == 0)
            propertyName = null;

If you'd want it to work you'd have to return a value, say like this:

   public static void initValues(boolean initDictionaryGenerationValues)
      dictionaryAbbreviation = utilObj.getDictionaryPropertyString("dictionaryAbbreviation", true);
      dictionaryAbbreviation = checkForEmptyProperty(dictionaryAbbreviation);

   // if property is provided but empty, then this is handled as if no property was provided:
   static String checkForEmptyProperty(String propertyName) {
      if (propertyName != null)
         if (propertyName.length() == 0)
            propertyName = null;
                return propertyName;


General discussions / Copy protected dictionary source data
« on: 25. April 2010, 19:41:12 »

I have a Danish dictionary which I'd like to publish, but the author agreement is that it MUST be copy protected (so of course you can't have that on SF and probably you don't want to host it at all), with some kind of encryption (a weak one, like the Roman onee where you swap a->b, b->c, c->d etc etc would be OK, we all know that copy protection is a farce anyway).

It this something you would be willing to help with or give advise on?


Hi, Im a developer of Apertium, an open-source platform for developing rule-based machine translation systems.

Ive also just got an Android phone and saw your palette of dictionaries downloadable directly thru the Android version. Quite impressive, but a lot of languages are missing.

We have ~20 bilingual dictionaries (see available on GPL.
Would you be interested in making these dictionaries available?

There have also been some work on to make its big collection of Esperanto dictionaries available (see and expand the VORTARO widget at the right).
If successfull, could these also appear inside the Android application?


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