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Open Talk / Hack of this forum (31th May 2019)
« on: 02. June 2019, 10:35:44 »
For information of forum users:
On May 31, 22:20 o'clock (CEST), this forum site was hacked (even with an up to date web server and forum software).
Many PHP files were manipulated (mostly advertising should be displayed while visiting the web site). But the manipulation created invalid PHP code, so in most cases the web server never delivered the forum site.

A backup of all files from Thursday to Friday night was restored, all manipulated files were overwritten by doing this. The forum database was not changed after comparing with an older backup. Forum posts are not lost, everything is back.

We don't know, if any information was read from the database. If this was done, so user passwords are not in immediately danger, because they are saved hashed and salted in the database. But it could be possible that the forum users' email addresses are known to the attacker.


Many thanks to our excellent forum administrator Stefan, who quickly reacted to this incident!!


Problems / Re: rotation
« on: 20. August 2017, 10:32:15 »
Actually, I have a problem there also (Nexus 5X, Android 7.1.2)
  • To reproduce, I use the "Englisch Deutsch" Freedict dictionary (DfM_3.4.0_EngGer_FreeDict). I have "incremental search" activated.
  • I hold the device in portrait mode
  • I search for a word such as "help" -> everything fine
  • I rotate to landscape mode -> upper half of the display is for text input (shows "help"); lower half of display is covered by keyboard (= gboard); no translation is shown
  • I rotate back to landscape mode  -> ok, translations for "help" are shown again
  • But: incremental search does not work any more from now on
Is there a need for screenshots?

Best regards,


Merriam Webster? You mean to look inside the Merriam Webster .jar file? You can use any zip utility to open a .jar file.

Or do you want to look at the "Input CSV file" that is run through DfM-Creator (I do not have that file).

In case you do not find the problem, then you can email me the .jar file of your dictionary and I will look at it.


The dictionary file looks ok now.

You are fast in making those changes :)

After "DictionaryGeneration" you need to run "JarCreator" from DfM-Creator. And then you are done (i.e. you can use the Jar-file e.g. in DfM for Android).

Decompile "Merriam Webster"? The screenshot is from Duden, right?

From a quick look the configuration in DfM-Creator seems ok for me.

Still, in the dictionary strings such as "<c>", "<blockquote>" and "&lt" need to be replaced in column 2. DictionaryForMIDs does not know any of these strings and when you use the dictionary then this will be displayed as plain text.

When you convert the dictionary from the source, you need to convert/filter strings like "<c>", "<blockquote>", ...


Hmmm, that is probably something that should be looked at by Karim (the developer of DfM-Creator).

You simple could set it to 1 for language1; this should not disturb.


language1 (= column 1) does not have content declarations -> Language-1 number of content declarations = 0
language2 (= column 2) does have content declarations -> Language-2 number of content declarations = 2 or 3 (or other value)

Strings such as "<c>", "<blockquote>" and "&lt" need to be replaced in column 2.


Example from your last screenshot:

[ b][c blue]Abartung[/c][/b]

Convert for DfM to:

To make "Abartung" bold and blue (assuming it is the column for language2):

Here is the complete example from

Content tags for the dictionaries

In the dictionaries the content parts are marked with the following syntax:

Each content has a start delimiter at the beginning and an end delimiter at the end.

Start delimiter:
where NN is the content number. This needs to be a two-digit number !

End delimiter:

To use a [ or ] character in the text (without content syntax) a \ (backslash) must be prepended:  \[ and \]
A newline-character is \n and a tab-character is \t

Here is an example for a language2 column:

dictionary [01dikshionari] [02noun] [03\nA book that contains translations for words.]
(Content numbers are boldfaced only for didactical purposes)
In that example the following properties are declared:


Contents can also be nested. Example:

dictionary [01dikshionari] [03\nA book that contains translations for words. [02noun]\nAlso exists in electronic form]

1.  merriam webster
Say, what do you mean by "convert it back to txt"? Does this mean how to convert it in a format that is readable by DfM-Creator ("Input CSV file").

2. Italics etc.
You can define italics etc. via the Contents. From

Defines the font style for the content. Allowed values are provided in the ComboBoxes as follows:

Examples from the screen-shot:




This property is optional, the default value is plain.

The DfM format is documented in our web pages:
You could look at, there "Complete Documentation"
And for tags:

Duden, I assume, would be copyrighted material and could not be made available for public download (the licensing conditions would tell more).


I just had a look at the screenshot.

I guess it is not easy to convert this dictionary for DictionaryForMIDs. What words/expression does it lookup? I mean, is it for looking up expressions such as "anders denkende". How is such an expression identified? Is it following a newline/carriage return?

Well, some preprocessing will certainly be required: the tags such as <blockquote> or <c> would need to be converted into something that is understood by DictionaryForMIDs (some "content" there).

In total I think, yes it will be possible to convert this dictionary for DictionaryForMIDs, but it will be some effort.

Besides, what 'dictionary' is it?


General discussions / Re: Problems to convert from dict to txt
« on: 17. July 2017, 14:16:00 »
Please, just give us some further information. For example, can you give us a few lines from the .dictd input file? Maybe also a few lines from the generated dictionary-outputfiles.


General discussions / Re: Delete dictionary?
« on: 22. April 2017, 10:31:18 »
Achim will certainly be able to answer this question. I did contact him on this.


General discussions / Re: DfM webApp 4 - Initiation
« on: 24. April 2016, 13:24:31 »
I just tested the current WebApp with an iPad Air 2, iOS 9.3.1: works fine!


General discussions / Some Web Page cleanup ongoing
« on: 12. December 2015, 08:12:55 »
I am currently doing some cleanup on the web pages.

Will inform you about the progress.


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