DictionaryforMIDs: Chinese-English CEDICT dictionary

DictionaryforMIDs version: 3.4.0
Dictionary edition: 05Aug08
Entries: 70,947

This dictionary was created from the CEDICT dictionary from MDBG.  The dictionary is released under a Creative Commons Attribution-Share Alike 3.0 License.

Chinese is entered using pīnyīn with tone numbers (e.g. 'ni3 hao3') or without tone numbers (e.g. 'ni hao').  You must enter a space between each word.  For example, 'ni3 hao3' will produce search results, whereas 'ni3hao3' will not produce results.

Some tips on searching Chinese:

If you have a 3rd party Chinese IME (Input Method Editor) on your phone, then you may also search using simplified or traditional characters.

If you do not have Chinese fonts on your phone, then you may use the bitmap fonts supplied with the dictionary package.  Go to the Menu and select Settings -> Use Bitmap Font.

The bitmap fonts were generated by the "BitmapFontGenerator" available from DictionaryforMIDs. The bitmap fonts were taken from the "AR PL New Sung" (Firefly) font. The font is released under the GPL license.