Approaching new Android release - Join Beta Testing on Google Play Store

Started by axin, 06. July 2014, 20:31:40

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Dear Colleagues,

we are making progress with the development of the new Android version, featuring multiple active dictionaries (available in the core since last year...), user interface translated to 18 languages, optimized icons for high-density devices, and more. There are still some rough corners, if you still like to give it a try feel free to join:

1.Join the following Google Group:!forum/dfm-android-betatester
2.Wait for your request being approved
3.Activate beta testing for DictionaryForMIDs:

The latest beta can then be installed from Play Store (may take a while). If you already have DfM installed it will automatically update to this development version.

Please pay special attention if the migration of the settings work smoothly, ie. the same dictionaries and languages are still there&loaded.

To leave beta testing please visit the Google Play Testing link again and click the corresponding button. You may need to to re-install the application which could reset the settings/data of the app.



Dear Achim,

The beta app is working fine and more over it also support's normations.  The speed of app is also very fast and smooth.

Please try to make some thing to notify user's about new dictionaries.  One of the user requested for Telugu dictionary via play store review.  I've posted Telugu dictionary. but, he might not get to know about it until, he rerun the dictionaries list.  So, kindly make some arrangement to notify users.


Hi Starssoft,

thanks for helping testing and your positive feedback. I am still looking at some usability issues with the new version. When this is fixed we can push the release to the Play Store.

As said before, I added your feature request concerning notifications of new dictionaries to the list of open issues. I might be able to look into that after the release. If you have some time or know someone who can implement the feature feel free to direct them here. We are happy to help getting anyone started who wants to contribute to the project.



I tested the new version now. I miss an option that the search results are automatically unfolded. Currently I have to click on the dictionary to see the search result, even if only one dictionary is activated.

My wish would be:
Only one dictionary activated: Always unfold the results
More than one dictionary activated: Hide all dictionaries without search results. Only one dictionary has search results, just unfold it. If more than one dictionary has search results, unfold the first with found translations.

How you think about that?


Hi Stefan,

thanks for testing as well as for your valuable feedback!

I fixed some bugs and changed the behavior of displaying search results: Now the first group of results (the one with the highest number of items) is initially expaned when the search finishes. The groups where no translations could be found will still be displayed at the end of the list to show the user which languages have been searched. I believe this is useful as the user can check if she really selected all the languages she wanted to search in case no (helpful) results were found. As it is at the end of the list it should also not be too distracting. What do you think? Any input is welcome :)

I pushed the update to the beta channel, it should already be available in the play store. Please keep the feedback coming!



Hello Achim,

sorry for the delay, I was not here in the last month.

I made a quick test. I still prefer if everything is folded if there are multiple dictionary results.

Just as an example:
I have both languages of the freedict English / German dictionary enabled and looking for the word auto.
The english language has more search results, but if I look for the English translation of Auto (car), I have to fold english and unfold German.
Maybe this is a special case and other people like it how it is now. But there could be an option in the settings like "Auto unfold language with most results" or something like that.