Downloading DictionaryForMIDS from main page

Started by daniel, 04. October 2013, 13:09:15

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Maybe I am doing something wrong but I found quite difficult to find the java ME version for downloading, at the end I found it in the forum,

I was expecting to find here but I didn't

-from "Version history log" we can see the changes but ther is not a link
-from news, we can found it at  08 July 2010    new version: DictionaryForMIDs 3.5.4 but link goes to history log

Furthermore it is not easy for normal users to navigate in sourceforge page in order to find all the files available for downloading


Now you can easily setup a new dictionary in new GUI Mode named as DfM Creator Tool which includes latest version of DictionaryforMIDs.jar.  The latest version is available at

You can also download the DfM Creator Tool with JRE 1.7.4 from

A Quick Guide for DfM Creator Tool

If you like to download dictionaries in any language. kindly visit