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Started by pamulnet, 16. January 2013, 17:01:31

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I'm Pierre Adrien from Bordeaux, France. I'm very interested into a large multi-langage dictionary like the Wiktionary dictionary.

Here the description given in the download page:
Wiktionary dictionary (contains translations for approx. 25 languages; still a beta version; set up by Zdenek from the 'Free Dictionaries project')

Is there a newer version? How complex is it to create? I don't see any explanation for my particular question in the page «Setting up a New Dictionary»

If it's not too complicated, i can spend some hours to make it working.

Have a good day.


Hallo Pierre,

welcome to the DfM project :)

About Zdenek's "Wiktionary dictionary": could you try to contact Zdenek himself ? He may be able to create an updated version, or maybe he can provide you with the needed dictionary data files.

The information at "Setting up a New Dictionary" should provide everything that is needed for a novice to set up a dictionary (if there is a lack of information, please let us know). However, dictionary specific information (such as Zdenek's Wiktionary dictionary) must be obtained from the authors of the dictonary.

Anyway, just let us know if you have any specific question, we will try to help.

Best regards,



Unfortunately, Zdenek is not registered as an user of this forum, and i don't know how to join him. (lots of them on the internet...)

Furthermore, i didn't find the explanation for more than one dictionary (2 languages). Did i miss something?



you can contact Zdenek via his homepage which is dicts.info. There is a "contact" link somewhere on this site. If you do not succeed to contact Zdenek, let me know, then I will try.

QuoteFurthermore, i didn't find the explanation for more than one dictionary (2 languages). Did i miss something?
Oh, that should be improved - I will have a look at that. In short words, you define more than 2 languages, e.g. 25, and for the remaining 23 languages you do exactly the same as for the first 2 languages, for example the title etc.

Best regards,