Java SE Development: User Interface for DictionaryGeneration/JarCreator tools

Started by Gert, 01. May 2010, 19:54:12

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There is a very important Java SE development task that needs to be done: developing a User Interface for the DictionaryGeneration/JarCreator command line tools. That means: develop one or more windows/dialogues, so that users can enter their data there.

Currently the tools DictionaryGeneration and JarCreator are Java SE command line applications, i.e. these tools are called from a command prompt with a set of command line parameters. (for the existing command line interface read here:

It turned out, that there are many people who like to set up their dictionary for DfM, but the command line interface of DictionaryGeneration/JarCreator is too complicated for them. So it is important to develop a User Interface for these tools !!

Actually, for this task a 'first shot' was already made, read here: [unfortunately, it seems that the attachments there are not available in that posting; just contact me if you need them]; for a screenshot see the attachment to this posting.

It will be straightforward to do further development. Other people will benefit very much ! I believe that having a simple Graphical User Interface a _lot_ more people will be able to set up their dictionaries for DfM. This is why it is so important to work on this task.

Here are a few considerations for further development:

  • The tools DictionaryGeneration/JarCreator (and later BitmapFontCreator) may be included into a single new tool; proposed name: "DfM Builder".
  • The latest version of 'DictionaryForMIDs_empty' can be directly included in the "DfM Builder.jar"-file.
  • In an advanced version, the DfM Builder may have a dialogue which allows to enter all data of !
  • DfM Builder should still support the command line interface. When DfM Builder is started with command line arguments, then the command line arguments shall be used. When DfM Builder is started without command line arguments, then the User Interface shall be displayed.

This Java SE development task is suited for an individual developer, as well as maybe for a college course or similar (is there anyone who knows a college that searches a useful topic for a programming course ?).

Ok, just let me know if there is anyone who is interested and may help here  :)

With best regards,


I got it Gert! but since i want my first shot to be the definitive i'll take a little longer to produce it. For the time being, i'm working on the DictdToDictionaryForMIDs-GUI. i already wrote the algorithm/pseudocode. only thing left is hard coding into java. I think it will be nicer to merge it also inside the DictionaryForMIDs-Builder. I saw the specifications and i'll do my best to meet the requirements you told about.





Hello Gert, here's a screenshot of the DictionaryForMIDs Builder i'm working on. I just wanted to post you a screenshot so that you know i'm on it. for the time being, i only designed the graphical user interface, it remains all the hard work lol. Anyway, i'm intending to merge all the build tools  but for the time being, i only designed the GUI for DictdToDictionaryForMIDs, will do the rest when i'll be finished with the dictd converter. i had to choose between designing it with lazarus and hardcoding it by hand using java, finally i came out with a pretty satisfying solution: do some of the job by hardconding, and do the reste of the design with the Netbeans IDE GUI Builder. hope this won't be a problem. I still got so much work to do, actually i don't think the DFM Builder will be ready before 2 or 3 months.



all of that looks fantastic !!

There is no need to hurry. In my opinion, the DfMBuilder is crucial for the DictionaryForMIDs project. But it is only important that the the DfMBuilder becomes reality; it is not important that this gets done fast.

With best regards,