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Can someone help me with Russian transcription?  I wanted to write a readme to help users with writing Russian transcription in DfM.  But, I don't know Russian myself.

DfM has 4 Cyrillic transcriptions Normation classes:

A description of the normation classes is here:
Allows you to search words both in Cyrillic and Latin transcription (according to the GOST 1971 - but yards are 'x' and there are used no apostrophes).

I found GOST 16876-71 here:

But, NormationRus2 is a little different from GOST 16876-71.

Cyrillic   GOST 16876-71   Rus2   Ukr   RusC   UkrC
а   a   a   a   a   a
б   b   b   b   b   b
в   v   v   v   v   v
г   g   g   h   g   h
д   d   d   d   d   d
е   e   e   e   e   e
ё   jo   yo   yo   jo   jo
ж   zh   zh   zh   z   z
з   z   z   z   z   z
и   i   i   i   i   i
ї         yi      ji
й   jj   y   y   j   j
к   k   k   k   k   k
л   l   l   l   l   l
м   m   m   m   m   m
н   n   n   n   n   n
о   o   o   o   o   o
п   p   p   p   p   p
р   r   r   r   r   r
с   s   s   s   s   s
т   t   t   t   t   t
у   u   u   u   u   u
ф   f   f   f   f   f
х   kh   kh   kh   ch   ch
ц   c   c   c   c   c
ч   ch   ch   ch   c   c
ш   sh   sh   sh   s   s
щ   shh   shh   shh   sc   sc
ъ         x   x   x   x
ы   y   y   y   y   y
ь   '   x   x   x   x
э   eh   eh   eh   e   e
ю   ju   yu   yu   ju   ju
я   ja   ya   ya   ja   ja
ґ         g      g

Here are the 4 changes:
Cyrillic   GOST   NormationRus2
ё   jo   yo
й   jj   y
ю   ju   yu
я   ja   ya

Were these 4 changes intentional?  Or, are they a mistake?

Also, NormationRusC and NormationUkrC state "according to the Czech ISO norm".  Does anyone know the ISO number?
Problems / Content declaration bug
08. June 2010, 01:03:17
I found a bug with the content declarations.  The declaration for Content02 is using the declaration for Content01.

I'd like Content01 as black font with italics.
I'd like Content02 as blue font and no italics.


language2Content01FontStyle: italic

But, Content02 is actually showing as black font with italics.

If I change Content2 to Content1, then Content2 shows the blue font OK:


language2Content02FontStyle: italic
General discussions / Build environment
04. June 2010, 09:06:09
I worked a little on making the newdict.html file easier to follow for new people.  I think people have 2 main problems when they try to make a new dictionary: setting up their build environment, and writing a file.

So I thought we should put all the tools needed into 1 file that people can download.  I put these tools together:

I also created the necessary directories and made DOS batch files to run DictionaryGeneration and JarCreator.

I put a test version of the build environment here

Then I changed the newdict.html file a little to be easier to read.  I think the main difficulty for people was reading the technical details of the file.  So I moved the details to a new newdictProperties.html file.

I also moved the details of DictionaryGeneration to newdictDictionaryGeneration.html and the details of JARCreator to newdictJARCreator.html.

What do you guys think?  Is this a good idea or not?  It'd mean a big change on how we release new versions.  For example, if we make a new version of DictionaryGeneration.jar, then we'd have to repackage all the other old files together and re-post it to the File Manager.  If we did that we change the version number from 3.5.0 to 3.5.1, for example.  Changing DictionaryForMIDs.jad & .jar would change the version number from 3.4.0 to 3.5.0, for example.

I wrote the instructions for Windows.  I'm guessing many people who would want to make a dictionary would be using Windows.  I'm thinking most people who run Linux would understand computers enough to change the build environment to meet their needs.  I'm not sure about people on a Mac or anything else.

There is a small bug in DictionaryGeneration regarding UTF-8 files.  I like to save all files as UTF-8.  But, when is saved as UTF-8, DictionaryGeneration gives an error.

The error is about the byte order mark (BOM) saved at the beginning of the file.

When I run DictionaryGeneration, I get this error:

Thrown de.kugihan.dictionaryformids.general.DictionaryException: Property infoTe
xt not found / Property infoText not found

infoText is the first item in, therefore it gives the error.

In UTF-8, U+FEFF is stored as EF BB BF.  So, in DictionaryGeneration, would it be possible for it to ignore EF BB BF at the beginning of the file?

An easy work-around is to add a line break at the beginning of  But, new people trying to build a new dictionary might not know that.

DfM-Creator - JarCreator / New Japanese files
16. May 2010, 12:21:13

Can you please help me with 2 things?

1. Can you add these 2 files to the next version 3.5.0 of DictionaryForMIDs.jar\char_lists?

2. I want to manually add the new files to the current 3.4.0 version of DictionaryForMIDs.jar and release a version 3.4.0 of the Japanese dictionary.  But I get an error.

I removed the old files and added the new files with WinRAR.  Then I changed the MIDlet-Jar-Size in DictionaryForMIDs.jad to the new JAR file size.  But I get this error when I run JarCreator:

Exception in thread "main" invalid entry compressed
size (expected 1945 but got 1947 bytes)
        at Source)
        at Source)
        at java.util.jar.JarOutputStream.putNextEntry(Unknown Source)
        at de.kugihan.jarCreator.JarCreator.writeJAR(
        at de.kugihan.jarCreator.JarCreator.main(

I get the error with version 3.1.2 and 3.4.0 of JarCreator.  I tried WinRAR and WinZip to add the files.  Both programs created the same filesize for the JAR file.  I remember I manually added the files a couple years ago, but I forgot what I did.  What mistake am I making?