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Hello everybody. I'am pleased to announce you that "THE" DictionaryForMIDs-Creator (DfM-Creator for short) is upcomming.
DictionaryForMIDs-Creator is a GUI Wrapper around these tools:

-DictdToDictionaryForMIDs (C) 2005 Gert Nuber (from the DfM Project)

DictdToDictionaryForMIDs uses JDictd from Ho Ngoc Duc (

JDictd is a set of Java programs that implement the Dictionary
Server Protocol (DICT) as specified in RFC 2229. It is used to access
dictionary definitions from a set of natural language dictionary
databases. The software (including binaries and source code)
is distributed under the terms of the GNU General Public License.

-DictionaryGeneration (C) 2005, 2006 Gert Nuber (from the DfM Project)
-JarCreator(C) 2005 Mathis Karmann (from the DfM Project)
-BitmapFontGenerator (C) 2005 J2ME Polish
-BitmapFontToolkit (C) 2005 Sean Kernohan (from the DfM Project)

All the above mentionned tools were modifed by me to make them fit
in the DictionaryForMIDs Creator. The modifications are major.
Please bear in mind that only the modified versions work with
DictionaryForMIDs Creator.

I've been working on DfM-Creator for at least 3 months. What we have now is not ready for use or even ready to be uploaded in the DfM svn repository. I made this post here to let you know that it will be available in the svn repo of DfM and available for download (binary) in a few months.

DfM-Creator is under active developpement, i hope the result will please the users of DictionaryForMIDs. With DfM-Creator, converting a dictd dictionary, generating a DfM dictionary with DictionaryGeneration, creating the jar file containing the generated dictionary files and creating a bitmap font is as pleasant as playing a video game. the GUI is intuitive and everything is made to simplify the processes mentionned above.

Best regards,

General discussions / DictdToDictionaryForMIDs - new version out!
« on: 09. January 2012, 17:31:05 »
Hello! DictdToDictionaryForMIDs-2.4.0-Beta is out.

-Now the program is interactive but it is still a command line program.
-No longer required to download the sources in order to set the options up and compile...
-Still uses jDictd from the jDictd project but now it also uses TextIO from Bruce Eck - LGPL compatible licence.

You can download the jar and it is ready for use :-)

-Source distribution includes sources of jDictd and TextIO.

Waiting for Gert to put a link to make it downloadable.

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