Author Topic: Are we the world's most popular Open Source project for Java ME ?  (Read 2492 times)

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I scanned sourceforge for J2ME projects - and surprisingly for me it seemed that we are the most popular project for J2ME (I may be wrong, because I did not do an exhaustive search).
Hmmm, if we should be the most popular J2ME project on sourceforge ... then maybe we are the most popular J2ME Open Source project in the world ??

Ah well, probably that's too enthusiastic - but in any case: DictionaryForMIDs is quickly gaining popularity ! Will be interesting to see where we are in 2 years !!

What do you think ?


P.S.: I just did take the Sourceforge 'rank' as popularity - well, the sourceforge 'rank' is based on some statistics, probably not really a good measurement for popularity.