Started by mvhulten, 20. August 2017, 09:39:55

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When I rotate my screen, DFM does not show any translations anymore.

This happens in DFM version 1.0.1, in a recent nightly of LineageOS.


Actually, I have a problem there also (Nexus 5X, Android 7.1.2)

  • To reproduce, I use the "Englisch Deutsch" Freedict dictionary (DfM_3.4.0_EngGer_FreeDict). I have "incremental search" activated.
  • I hold the device in portrait mode
  • I search for a word such as "help" -> everything fine
  • I rotate to landscape mode -> upper half of the display is for text input (shows "help"); lower half of display is covered by keyboard (= gboard); no translation is shown
  • I rotate back to landscape mode  -> ok, translations for "help" are shown again
  • But: incremental search does not work any more from now on
Is there a need for screenshots?

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My problem is different, and occurs on both my Nexus 7 (Android 7.1.2) and my Fairphone 2 (Android 6.0.1).  First image shows I am searching for "test".  This works.  Then I rotate the device: it is still visible.  Any new search (second image) does not show (new) results.  Rotating again, or switching between apps, does not work.  The only way to do a new search is by closing the app (moving it out of the app list) and reopening DfM.

As Gert's and my examples show, rotation of the display can result in different problems.