source code to be downloaded not svn

Started by pharmahmed20, 05. December 2011, 20:42:46

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i cannot use the svn source code - i don't know the reason but the application say that i unexpectedly closed i don't know why - so i really need the source code for android  as compressed file i can download and but it in the scr directory in eclipse project  so i can run it
and also told me the correct version of android that can work with this source code
i will be grateful if you told me where to put the dictionary file in eclipse project to be incorporated directly to the dictionary so i don't need to download or specify dictionary files location



great to know you want to dig into the source code!

Can you tell me which application unexpectedly closed? Do you mean DfM if run on the emulator? If yes, can you have a look in the LogCat for an error message?

I strongly recommend you use the SVN to get the source code, as this way you can easily stay up-to-date when updates are released or release updates yourself.

For setting up Eclipse with SVN, you can try the following two links:

The source code should work with any Android version out there, e.g. 1.5+ You coould try version 2.3.3 as a starting point.

Please tell me if you still encounter any problems.



thanks axin
now i finally succeeded to run it on the emulator  :D and it ask me to download a dictionary
but now i need to merge the dictionary with the source code so that it don't ask me to load a dictionary
thanks in advance


Glad to hear you got it working now.

I'm not sure if I understand you correctly. You have a dictionary file on your local machine and want DfM to load it? Then you have different possibiliities.

  • Put it on external storage, start the app and use the Menu -> Dictionary -> From file to load your dictionary. No need to use eclipse or compile the source code for this to work.
  • Put it in eclipse in a new folder in the assets/dict/ directory, compile&package the app, start it and load the dictionary using Menu -> Dictionary -> Included

After successfully loading a dictionary for the first time, the app will stop asking you to download one.

Good luck,