Started by sora_kawaii, 29. August 2009, 01:26:36

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im crazy now, i have try everything can someone please tell me how to install the dictionary japanese english in my android g1? the .jar file dosent work and i dont know where to convert it to .apk file!!!



sorry for driving you crazy ;-)

I'm not really sure how you installed the dictionary. Did you follow the instructions on the website:
At what step did the installation of the dictionary fail? Was there an error message?

We are currently testing automatic installation of dictionaries. If you want to give it a try, you can get it here:
I just installed the English-Japanese dictionary using that testing version. Running that version on my G1, the popular dictionary could be installed without a problem, but the normal one seems to be too big for automatic processing. I'll investigate into that matter...

If you have any further information, questions or problems, feel free to reply here!



I want to install the English-German dictionary on my Android, so does I have to follow same steps and links ?