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General discussions / Re: just starting
17. May 2022, 06:00:55
Welcome to the world of DictionaryForMIDs :)

Admittedly, creating a dictionary requires quite some know how how to run programs etc.

Documentation how to do this is here:

With best regards,
Problems / Re: Compiling
28. October 2020, 07:30:11
QuoteWhen I choose a path file:///tflash/DfM_Test_EngRus_3.5.9/DfM_Test_EngRus_3.5.9.jar it works great (see screenshots).

So it does work on your cell phone??

QuoteI wonder why my phone doesn't want to read the dictionary folder directly (file:///tflash/dictionary), but only through the jar archive.

Does file:///tflash work (omit dictionary)?

Quotein the file there are the following lines:
int keySelectForward = 51; //3 key- move selection back
int keySelectBack = 49; // 1 key - move selection forward
These keys do not work in the emulator.
Did I understand correctly that this function is not fully implemented?

The implementation of class StringColourItem has always been a 'challenge'. See also

What emulator are you using?

Best regards,
Problems / Re: Compiling
27. October 2020, 08:37:45
Well, you provided excellent information!

From all that information I'd guess that there is a bug in the Java runtime implementation of your Samsung E740.

I really like those old JavaME devices! But ... maybe you have a chance to change to another model?

With best regards,

Problems / Re: Compiling
26. October 2020, 08:31:03

I checked that file with a hex editor and it is perfectly ok!

Hmmmm, I don`t know what exactly is going wrong there with your device. The error occurs when the translation for "helium" is read from directory1.csv.

Probably asking Samsung for a bug fix on the E740 will not be successful  :-\

Does any of these dictionaries work on your device? Or do these also show OutOfMemoryError?

With best regards,
Problems / Re: Compiling
25. October 2020, 10:43:49
Thats excellent information in order to try to narrow down the problem!!

I just read the source code again. Do you know some Java?

The last successful log message is from
Util.getUtil().logTime("position file", startTime);

In the following line is not reached:
Util.getUtil().logTime("read/parse file-line", startTime);

In between there is some simple code that reads character per character from the InputStream that belongs to directory1.csv.

Very strange!

Can you post the file directory1.csv? The English-Russian from your step 2.

Best regards,
Problems / Re: Compiling
24. October 2020, 17:24:41
Strange! From the logging output everything seems to be normal. Until that memory error occurs.

Did you try to install any other dictionary on your device? Just any simple, small dictionary, to test if that has the same problem?

Besides, can you test your dictionary with the PC versoin (

Best regards,
Problems / Re: Compiling
24. October 2020, 09:28:23
Thanks for that information; this looks good.

Are there also cases when the translation works, without OutOfMemoryError?

Problems / Re: Compiling
24. October 2020, 07:49:09
Those screenshots are enormously helpful:

  • At the beginning there is approx. 3 MB free memory
  • The number of free bytes slightly decreases after opening/reading/parsing searchfile and indexfile number 30
  • Opening and reading the directory file number 364 still works
  • Then there is a memory error when parsing the translation result of directory file number 364

Can you tell me the size of file directory364.csv?

In, what is the value of dictionaryFileMaxSize?

Best regards,
Problems / Re: Compiling
10. October 2020, 06:56:33
I am glad that you make progress.

Don't worry, you do not bother, in the contrary! Just that sometimes I am not able to reply right away.

About case insensitiveness, this is handled by the Normation classes, see here:

Besides, previously I made a posting where I asked, for example, about your cell phone model.

With  best regards,
Problems / Re: Compiling
02. October 2020, 18:50:20
I am glad to read that you made such good progress :) :)

QuoteI created my own dictionary for 20000 words.
If I may know, what dictionary is it? Maybe it is of public interest and something that you would like to release to the public?

QuoteIt works well in the jar archive
That's when you installed it on your Samsung device?

Quotebut when opened in the empty program from SDcard an error appears ""java.lang.OutOfMemoryError/null".
Also on your Samsung device? What is the difference to "It works well in the jar archive" before?

QuoteMy cellphone is Samsung (2008).
Could you please give some technical details (device, RAM).

With best regards,
Problems / Re: Compiling
29. September 2020, 06:18:15
Could you provide some details please? For example, on which device did you install the jar file? Is there an error message?

Problems / Re: Compiling
28. September 2020, 05:37:36
Dear TopDict,

I am glad to know that you are interested in DictionaryForMIDs and compiling it.

Here some information: the JavaME part is the HMI (user interface) for Java ME devices. There is some overview on this concept at the diagram at

For compiling, the classes from the translation layer are needed too. gives a description for building (compiling) the whole thing.

Does this help? Well just keep asking!

With best regards,
Open Talk / Hack of this forum (31th May 2019)
02. June 2019, 11:35:44
For information of forum users:
On May 31, 22:20 o'clock (CEST), this forum site was hacked (even with an up to date web server and forum software).
Many PHP files were manipulated (mostly advertising should be displayed while visiting the web site). But the manipulation created invalid PHP code, so in most cases the web server never delivered the forum site.

A backup of all files from Thursday to Friday night was restored, all manipulated files were overwritten by doing this. The forum database was not changed after comparing with an older backup. Forum posts are not lost, everything is back.

We don't know, if any information was read from the database. If this was done, so user passwords are not in immediately danger, because they are saved hashed and salted in the database. But it could be possible that the forum users' email addresses are known to the attacker.


Many thanks to our excellent forum administrator Stefan, who quickly reacted to this incident!!


Problems / Re: rotation
20. August 2017, 11:32:15
Actually, I have a problem there also (Nexus 5X, Android 7.1.2)

  • To reproduce, I use the "Englisch Deutsch" Freedict dictionary (DfM_3.4.0_EngGer_FreeDict). I have "incremental search" activated.
  • I hold the device in portrait mode
  • I search for a word such as "help" -> everything fine
  • I rotate to landscape mode -> upper half of the display is for text input (shows "help"); lower half of display is covered by keyboard (= gboard); no translation is shown
  • I rotate back to landscape mode  -> ok, translations for "help" are shown again
  • But: incremental search does not work any more from now on
Is there a need for screenshots?

Best regards,

Merriam Webster? You mean to look inside the Merriam Webster .jar file? You can use any zip utility to open a .jar file.

Or do you want to look at the "Input CSV file" that is run through DfM-Creator (I do not have that file).

In case you do not find the problem, then you can email me the .jar file of your dictionary and I will look at it.