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General discussions / Re: Updated forum software
30. December 2022, 20:27:56
Updated the forum software again, only a bugfix and security update.
Updated the forum software again, only a bugfix and security update.
General discussions / Re: Updated forum software
30. March 2022, 23:27:47
Now I installed an major update of the forum software. Now full compatible with Smartphones, new WYSIWYG editor and some more smaller stuff.
Problems / Re: DfM not loading in Java 1.8
30. March 2022, 23:04:19
Yeah, that can't be fixed, because the custom code is not compatible with Java SE.
General discussions / Re: Updated forum software
26. March 2022, 14:22:09
Updated the forum software again, only a smaller security update.
Problems / Re: DfM not loading in Java 1.8
26. March 2022, 14:16:17
Are you sure, that you really use the PC version of DfM?
The DfM PC client is just a reader for the DfM dictionaries. That means, open the DictionaryForMIDs.jar file and open the dictionary you want, like the DfM_OmegaWiki_Top40_3.5.9.jar file.
More information and download here:

On my PC it works (used the current Java 8 version from Oracle; tested with the DictionaryForMIDs_EngGer_FreeDic.jar and DfM_OmegaWiki_Top40_3.5.9.jar):

General discussions / Updated forum software
10. January 2020, 09:58:01
Since the automatic upgrade had problems on two files, please keep an eye open, if something is strange with this forum.
General discussions / Re: problem uploading files
22. August 2017, 07:42:25
Fixed, thanks for reporting.

Avatar and Smiley path was also broken, fixed too.
Hello Achim,

sorry for the delay, I was not here in the last month.

I made a quick test. I still prefer if everything is folded if there are multiple dictionary results.

Just as an example:
I have both languages of the freedict English / German dictionary enabled and looking for the word auto.
The english language has more search results, but if I look for the English translation of Auto (car), I have to fold english and unfold German.
Maybe this is a special case and other people like it how it is now. But there could be an option in the settings like "Auto unfold language with most results" or something like that.
Quote from: Gert on 07. October 2014, 18:03:09
In English ... ;)

Of course, sorry.
I tested the new version now. I miss an option that the search results are automatically unfolded. Currently I have to click on the dictionary to see the search result, even if only one dictionary is activated.

My wish would be:
Only one dictionary activated: Always unfold the results
More than one dictionary activated: Hide all dictionaries without search results. Only one dictionary has search results, just unfold it. If more than one dictionary has search results, unfold the first with found translations.

How you think about that?
Der Link EngGer (freedict)/ funktioniert nicht, da in dem Ordner die symbolischen Links zu den PHP Dateien (und .htaccess) fehlen. Mag jemand, der weiß mit was das verlinkt sein muss, einmal korrigieren?
Problems / Re: Request : Word wrap function
26. October 2013, 09:58:10
Quote from: starssoft on 25. October 2013, 04:45:49
Thank for your reply.  Texts are not getting wrapped, even i disabled the color support.  If time permits, please look into it.

Yes, but I think without color support it is possible to scroll to the right to see the whole text. With color support the horizontal scroll bars are missing, if I remember right.

I don't think that I will continue the development of that program in the next time. But it is open source, maybe someone...
Problems / Re: Request : Word wrap function
24. October 2013, 18:52:53
I can remember that I had problems developing this stuff, because the Table Object of the Java Swing GUI was a little bit strange.

You can try to disable the color support in the settings menu. If I remember right, it changed the behavior of the Table displaying text.

Currently I do not plan doing changes to the DfM PC version. I have not much time for developing, and I still have a big ToDo list of another bigger project.
Quote from: Gert on 04. February 2013, 05:40:09
Currently, within existing forum postings, the links to other forum postings still point to the old location. Stefan plans to update this during the next days.

Which is done now :)