Author Topic: Introducing a Iranian Machine for make java and android dictionaries.  (Read 2171 times)

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Kateb is new PC software enabling you make java or android books/dictionaries.
Features of created mobile books (using Kateb):
- Unlimited capability for make folder, sub-folders and text files in each folder (tree-like books)
- An as-quick-as-type search at each level of folders of files. search finds any part of files name.
- A separate search for finding any word at any place in book texts.
- supporting images between texts
- Good contrast between text and background
- Many accessory options like send a part of text via SMS, landscape mood, ...
- the Kateb PC soft ware has a simple environment with many useful options, like create bitmap fonts from computer fonts, use a txt file for making book, import text from various file types, capability for copy text with images from Microsoft Word files directly to Kateb word space , ...

Im going to make a small book using it for evaluating.