Author Topic: Translation list makes the text display bad.  (Read 2178 times)

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Translation list makes the text display bad.
« on: 30. January 2012, 15:03:14 »
By activating Translation list, the text will be hi-lighted and underlined. specially at Nokia s60 phones, It cause Insufficient contrast, dificult to read. It is while normally the mobile themes themselves can provide a suitable display (as when Translation list is inactive) (I dont want to use Coloured display, you know).
May I ask you to check this issue and consider it at future releases?


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Re: Translation list makes the text display bad.
« Reply #1 on: 30. January 2012, 18:27:43 »
Hmmm, I believe that for non-coloured display the scrolling/highlighting of the Translation list is the device's native bahaviour; there is no specific implementation for this. I would have to check the source code to be sure though.