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Kateb is new PC software enabling you make java or android books/dictionaries.
Features of created mobile books (using Kateb):
- Unlimited capability for make folder, sub-folders and text files in each folder (tree-like books)
- An as-quick-as-type search at each level of folders of files. search finds any part of files name.
- A separate search for finding any word at any place in book texts.
- supporting images between texts
- Good contrast between text and background
- Many accessory options like send a part of text via SMS, landscape mood, ...
- the Kateb PC soft ware has a simple environment with many useful options, like create bitmap fonts from computer fonts, use a txt file for making book, import text from various file types, capability for copy text with images from Microsoft Word files directly to Kateb word space , ...

Im going to make a small book using it for evaluating.

General discussions / Re: How to make an android app?
« on: 26. November 2012, 08:17:08 »
If possible, say also about programs needed to be installed on PC, also Command Prompts lines, used for completing stages of creating android apps.

General discussions / How to make an android app?
« on: 26. November 2012, 08:11:29 »
Please, explain How to create an dictionary for android phones using DFM, and that what files or softwares are needed, as simple as in Java DFM documentation you explained.
Thanks a lot.

Thanks, for links. But I was not able to download as the link was
I don't know it was due to corrupt link or another limitations. Please help me.

I have java r. environment 1.6.0_02 installed on my PC, but cant open DFM files like JarCreator.jar and DictionaryGeneration.jar. of course I can use Command Prompt (the Error failed to load main class).
Thanks for your guides.

Problems / Translation list makes the text display bad.
« on: 30. January 2012, 15:03:14 »
By activating Translation list, the text will be hi-lighted and underlined. specially at Nokia s60 phones, It cause Insufficient contrast, dificult to read. It is while normally the mobile themes themselves can provide a suitable display (as when Translation list is inactive) (I dont want to use Coloured display, you know).
May I ask you to check this issue and consider it at future releases?

General discussions / How to download previous versions of MIDS?
« on: 30. January 2012, 14:45:08 »
How can I download past releases of MIDS?
At DFM 3.5.7, is there any way to exclude some setting option from resulted jar dictionary file? For example I want Setting including only Font, and * character at end. Even I prefer to Set a default setting as * ch. at end active + font medium and all other setting options inactive, so resulted Jar dictionary not to include any thing as Setting.

General discussions / Re: how can I limit max number of hits?
« on: 03. December 2011, 12:42:04 »
I want to set my dictionary for downloading as a jar file, without jad file. Is there a way to limit max nr of hits, using Properties? At Properties I tried:
searchMaxHits: 10
but it did not work.

General discussions / how can I limit max number of hits?
« on: 03. December 2011, 12:21:26 »
May you explain, how to limit maximum number of hits?

Problems / sugestion for password request
« on: 08. November 2011, 16:45:13 »
about the password request that i expained at previous post:
users can evaluate the product at a few previos not-password-need sessions of openning and working with dictionary. password dialogue may include a sentence and a random-selected code like:
please send this code  as sms to (example) number *********** to get password. the code(example): 1265
the logical (masmethic)  relation between random code and password may be defined by dictionary developer.
the password request is a good idea for DFM to be popular much more than before.
thank a lot.

Problems / Perian writing and bitmap font
« on: 08. November 2011, 16:32:57 »
Persian has a right- aligned writing. below sentence is a persian sentence meaning "I llike flowers".
من گلها را دوست دارم
bitmap font display it as below:
م ن گ ل ه ا را د و س ت د ا ر م
م ر ا د ت س و د ا ر ا ه ل گ ن م (reverse, left aligned)
In fact  normally some letters at Arabic or Persian writting stick together when there is no spaces between them. for example if between م and ن there is no space, results: من
another example: گ ل ه ا  = گلها
but bitmap language doesnt perform it. I think you need a Iranian contributer to developed it for you. I try to call with one that i think can Help us, if you want. anyway it is only a sugestion. mobile phones usually have needed characters to support persian. (no seriuos need to bitmap font).

Problems / Re: total bugs in DFM v3.5.7 and solutions
« on: 08. November 2011, 16:17:31 »
hello, some of these, are not realy  serius problems. for example, it is not important what is defaualt. so explain for users at info about desirable setting. but more serious problems are these, i think:
- new line character: \n is not recognised by bitmap font.
- a bit slow (delayed) listing of search results. (not much important)
- we dont know how to chang defalt language 1 and 2, font colour. (not very important)
- background is not displayed with non coloured, translation list.
- heap memory error (before creating dictionary) and out of memery error (after creating), specially with large language 2 texts. I saw some options at Setting Up a  New Dictionary to set limitations for size of index, search and ... files. I wish to resolve latter problem by these options.
- I am an Iranian. My language is Persian. Mobile phones usually have needed characters to support Persian. but bitmap font doesnt support Persian comoletely. the Persian is completely different from Arabic but Persian writting language (In Iran and Afghanestan) largely uses Arabic letters. I has explained this problem with more detailed in another post at this ever topic.
- I think it is a good idea to enable set (or not set) a new capability for DFM so that created dictionaries ask for a opening password, after a few previous opening sessions. this option prevent from uncontroled coping or uploading of the product, and help creators (=dictionary developers) to  register new users. I has explained this with more details in another post at this ever topic.

Problems / request to inform me.
« on: 08. November 2011, 15:45:09 »
I dont think Coloured display has As many Problems AS you note. the only problem with coloured display is Incomplete display of large language 2 texts (I am working with it for a relatively long time and it was the only problem at various mobile phones). the problem "unsuitable theme backgruoud", as you mentioned is resolved with "backgroundColour: 255,255,255". I dont Know 2ME programming language but it seems that the problem is that all of coloured text is assumed as a single selection. May I ask you for Informing me when a new version (likely DFM 3.5.7) was developed or Class file of Coloured display was modified? If Yes, please make a Post at this topic for me.

Problems / Re: total bugs in DFM v3.5.7 and solutions
« on: 05. November 2011, 18:41:45 »
Hello, insert phrase at Properties as below to resolve the Problem "unsuitable theme".
backgroundColour: 255,255,255
not important, theme with any background color.

Problems / incompleate language 2 texts display
« on: 05. November 2011, 18:32:09 »
Hello. thanks a lot for your products for java mobiles.
As I has mentioned before, I has created a dictionary by dfm 3.5.7, with each language 2 information, with larger text than usual for a normal languistic dictionary. my Phone is Nokia 7310 and runs my dictionary well. but many of other models (such as nokia 5630, Nokia x2, Nokia c600, Nokia n95 and ...), run language 2 text as incomplete (a few initial text lines only is seen :( ). this problem is only with Coloured displet (I need coloured display).  How can resolve this problem. Can you deal with it, in future versions, please?

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