DFM Builder - Set up a DFM with a few clicks

Started by Tomcollins, 29. March 2008, 12:38:45

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This is a first attempt to create a Graphical User Interface for DictionaryGeneration and JarCreator. If one just doubleclicks the Builder a GUI should start. Started with arguments for the Generation, the Generation should perform. It is just a try, but it should work.
Have a try!!



That's a phantastic progress for all those people who don't like the command line interface of DictionaryGeneration / JarCreator !!

I have the following feature requests: ;)

1. Drop field "empty-dir"
I noted that the 'empty DictionaryForMIDs' is already included in the DfM Creator JAR file, true ? It would be great if the user wouldn't have to enter the path for the 'empty DictionaryForMIDs' but instead the one from the JAR would be used !

2. Incorporate BitmapFontGenerator
If it was possible to also incorporate BitmapFontGenerator then all tools would be available DfM Creator !


P.S.: Do you want to call it "DfM Builder" or "DfM Creator" ?


I have already the .txt files for latin-romanian, romanian-latin, romanian-greek, greek-romanian, hebrew-romanian, romanian-hebrew and no time for converting with this: http://dictionarymid.sourceforge.net/newdict.html procedure. Do you have a tool for automatically transformation from .txt/.epub to .jar?
Thank you