English-Chinese missing all the basic words? or just a bug on my SE M608c?

Started by hindemark, 18. September 2007, 19:20:29

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- Used DictionaryForMIDs version
3.01(2) - the latest on the site for English-Chinese
- Used Dictionary
- Used Mobile Phone or Operating System
Sony Ericsson M608c (Mainland China version of m600i)
- My problem
The dictionary doesn't seem to contain any of the most basic words. If I try to translate words such as "girl" or "car" or "home", the dictionary will only spit out the translation of combined words or sentences such as "girl dressed in white"...

Are these words really lacking from the dictionary or is there a bug with my phone?


I just tested this with CEDICT on version 3.1.2 - and same as for you, I did not get a translation for girl alone (i.e. /girl/ did not have one translation).

Seems strange for me - maybe you could contact Lars (he did set up this dictionary; look in the list of contributors).



the keyword shows up in the index file.
here the extract (one line from the above file):
girl   2-3136-S   3-38147-S   3-38147-S   3-42741-S   13-47573-B   23-3936-S   25-1798-S   26-35226-S   26-35267-B   26-45583-B   26-53139-S   27-1393-B   27-1439-B   30-48571-S   30-48571-S   40-54743-S   41-30009-S   43-22963-S

so, if the file is there, why can it not be located and found??


ps. gerts prior remarks:
"Könntest Du mal die englischen Indexdateien überprüfen (indexEngxxx.csv) ? Da müsste der Eintrag für girl drin stehen (oder wahrscheinlich eben nicht). Die richtige index-Datei findest Du über die Datei searchlistEng.csv. Ich hatte die Inhalte der index- und searchlist-Dateien auf der Homepage beschrieben (,,Setting up a new dictionary" -> ,,Files generated by the DictionaryGeneration tool")."


I think I found the problem: the version 3.1.2 does use the comma in the index files as separator between the index entry and the positions. Probably this will not work, because the positions themselves are separated by comma.

So if you would use another character, such as a tab, then it should work, I guess.

Well, this is clearly a severe "documentation error", because the doc does not state at any place that commas are not allowed for use (actually the extension csv even suggests to use the comma  :-\ so that is really a bad problem).

I need to document this and provide an error message in DictionaryGeneration when a comma is used as SeparatorCharacter !! Well, some time next year when I have more time.

Just changing the separator character to a tab should solve the problem. Is there any chance that you re-release your dictionary with tabs ?

Currently I am not able to change the format of the index files (i.e. usage of the commas between positions), because till now nobody did do the job to write scripts that make the dictionaries available on the latest DfM version. And the PC version needs to have one format.



I just had a look at the Java code: I think with a some changes it should be possible to handle also the comma as separator for the index files correctly. Hmmm, I would have to look at this closer. Unfortunaltey, I don't have time for an update in the next months. For the moment I am fully concentrating to support other people - I myself can't do development for the moment (hope many others do have time ;) ).



i will try to use a different separator and re-issue.
great speed in problemsolving, gert!