Problem when using 3.01(2) - English-Chinese on Sony Ericsson m608c

Started by hindemark, 29. September 2007, 10:26:02

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Used DictionaryForMIDs version:   3.01(2) - the latest on the site for English-Chinese

Used Dictionary:   English-Chinese

Used Mobile Phone or Operating System:   Sony Ericsson M608c (Mainland China version of m600i, thus with all the Chinese char sets and input of Chinese text/Chinese handwriting recognition)

My problem:
- When NOT set to using bitmaps, words that give longer results than just a few lines crash the program! An example of this is "girl" (to stick with this popular theme :) ) or most any other word when not using "Find matching word only" function to limit results drastically

- to describe what happens: when clicking "translate" button, the phone starts churning out the long list of results, but without any text - each line is just a long white solid rectangle. this goes on for a while, and when it stops, there's still no text and the program has to be "System exit"ed

- only when I switch on the "use bitmaps" function will words such as this work, but obviously much slower and in a font size so small it's hard to read

I find this strange, since my phone is bought in China and obviously has all of the Chinese char sets etc. you could ask for installed (simplified Chinese, not traditional).

Is my phone simply not powerful enough or is this a bug that could be fixed?


I just tried the version done by developer "TomCollins", who calls himself "Sebastian":

This version works better - even without bitmaps "girl" works fine. However, longer lists, such as "girl" without the "Find matching word only" still just pump out a looong list of blank white rows. The program then has to be "System Exit"ed and restarted.

I get the feeling this is all a problem related to my phone not being able to deal with longer lists of texts, thus freezing....?



Sorry, but I don't know what the problem might be...

I can just tell you that you can use the bitmapfont in the "not-coloured" mode, that should be much faster.
And you can try this version
for bigger font sizes. You can also create them by yourself or even search for the bug in the code, if you have the time to.

Your problem doesn't occur with bitmapfonts, but without, is that correct?
If I find something, I'll let you know.



Thanks a million, Sebastian.

Yes, when using bitmaps I have no trouble at all, apart from everything loading at turtle speed. It is when not using bitmaps that my phone can only handle a few lines of translation.

I will try your file with larger bitmap font sizes.