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Turkish English dictionary
« on: 27. May 2008, 13:34:50 »
I've just started using DictionaryForMIDs_2.7.0 on my Sony Ericsson K790 and it's great...

But... I would like to bring it up to date using the new version 3.2 dictionary...

I therefore plan to have a bash at compiling an update (not sure if I have the skills, but will try), however I'd really like to use a bigger definition source than I can find from the resources on the site.

Can anyone help to get me going, I've googled a lot without success. If someone can direct me to a good definition source for Turkish-English I have a go, and make a best effort at the compilation. Thanks


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Re: Turkish English dictionary
« Reply #1 on: 27. May 2008, 18:54:31 »
Hey, if you could work on a batch file that brings dictionaries to the latest DfM version, that would be great !! We are searching already for a long time for someone who works on this.

I think so far we have two English-Turkish dictionaries. The last one was set up by Kubilay Ozan; the older one is the freedict dictionary which I did set up myself a long time ago.

Do you mean that you are searching for a bigger dictionary than those two ones ? But these two ones are already rather big, at least that's what I thought.

I just did copy the "inputdictionaryfile" for the freedict dictionary to

The corresponding file is in the same directory.

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